Monday, August 8, 2022

Using Two-Way Radios for Events

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Using two-way radios for events is such a critical element that allows the Event Planners, Event Organisers and Event Delivery / Support Teams to facilitate a successful event.

Events come in many different formats and sizes, from concerts, festivals, exhibitions, motorsport and both indoors and outdoors. One focus remains the same and that is the health and safety of both the public and members of the event staff.

Two-way radios for events help with crowd control and crowd monitoring. Events in the past only used analogue two-way radios with a multitude of channels for various groups and depending on the size, repeater base station and rare occasions trunked radio systems.

Since the inception of digital two-way radios, event teams are now integrating much more into the overall security. Mobile CCTV stations are regularly deployed to the site to give a temporary location a full security overview. Systems such as TRBOnet, along with MOTOTRBO radios can be integrated into the control centres.  Software is installed onto a pc, connected to a digital fixed mobile radio and antenna which in turn connects to the radios within the event. For outdoor events, GPS radios can then be tracked and the dispatcher can more readily coordinate event staff. Location beacons can be deployed for internal tracking.

Hire or Buy Two-way Radios for Events?

As events are short-term, so to buy two-way radios for a single event can represent a large capital outlay. The option to hire two-way radios becomes a more cost-effective solution. If of course, you run an events company with numerous events throughout the year then buying the equipment may be a better option. Buying allows you to retain full control of your fleet and spread the payment costs with a finance package.

Who Do You Hire Two-Way Radios for Events From?

Setting up an event comes with many challenges and your communications provider should make the hire of two-way radios effortless.

Depending on your event, we would recommend choosing a company that:

  • Has a proven history of supplying events
  • Can provide the number of radios your event requires
  • Can provide the number of radios on your specific date(s)
  • Has enough personnel to attend the site to address any possible issues
  • Can provide the type of handsets that meet your event requirements
  • Can they label the radios for easier on-site tracking
  • Has qualified engineers for the products they are providing
  • Can they provide site surveys and coverage testing services
  • Can they manage licencing and frequencies
  • Has experience with radio systems
  • Can hire radio systems
  • Can supply a range of earpiece/headset solutions

Note: You will usually be required to purchase earpieces and headsets due to hygiene reasons.

For more details on hiring two-way radios click here

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