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Understanding Two-Way Radio Equipment Repairs

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As with all electronic equipment, such as two-way radio equipment, they are sometimes prone to fail. Despite the manufacturer’s best efforts to produce a robust product or with the best care taken by the user of the equipment, products can still break. Two-way radio equipment repairs can be undertaken by many radio suppliers depending on the skillset of their engineers and what type of two-way radio equipment you have.

If you have radio equipment that is not working and is not physically damaged and is within its warranty offered by the manufacturer then you should contact the company you purchased the equipment from in the first instance.

To learn more about a two-way radio warranty click here.

Licence-Free Two-Way Radios / Walkie-Talkies Repairs

Licence-free two-way radios are typically called consumer radios and due to their low price point, they are very rarely repaired. That isn’t to say that a supplier may never offer to repair a licence-free radio, but the cost of doing so has a high chance of being more than the cost of a brand-new unit.

Licenced Two-Way Radio Equipment Repairs

Licenced two-way radio equipment can usually be repaired by the supplier, provided they have competent, qualified, and suitably trained radio engineers in-house. On occasion, radio suppliers may send the equipment back to the relevant manufacturer to have their engineers complete the repair. This does not always mean the supplier is incapable, it can simply be that the issue is very complex or they have too much work to complete within a suitable time frame.

A quick way to understand the level of technical support within a supplier is to ask:

  • Are they manufacturer approved
  • Which manufacturers are they approved to repair
  • Does the company have any quality standard accreditations
  • Do they have the relevant testing sets for your product in-house

Just because a supplier can repair Motorola Solutions radios does not mean they have the skill set to repair Kenwood Communication radios.

Repairs of licenced two way radio radio equipment can include:

  • Handheld radios
  • Fixed-mobile radios
  • Repeater base stations
  • Fixed Antennas
  • Vehicle installations
  • Dispatch applications

Levels of Two-Way Radio Equipment Repairs

Repairs can encompass a variety of radio equipment elements consisting of:

  • Outer case damage replacement
  • Replacing antennas, volume, and channel switches
  • Updating software
  • Re-flashing software
  • Internal component level repairs
  • Re-wiring
  • Tuning
  • Reprogramming

Atex Two-Way Radio Equipment Repairs

Repairing Atex two-way radios is completely different from Non-Atex radio equipment, simply because of the stringent ATEX regulatory restrictions. This means that it is unlikely that any radio equipment supplier can carry out the repairs on Atex two-way radio equipment.

For example:

Motorola Solutions Partner Agreement states no channel radio partner is permitted to carry out repairs to Motorola Solutions ATEX equipment. Only Motorola Solutions can re-certify their ATEX two-way radios.

NOTE: It is always advisable to check the two-way radio equipment repair process for Atex equipment before any repairs are organised.

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