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Motorola XT660d Digital

Motorola XT660d Digital

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Motorola XT660d Digital


The Motorola XT660d digital and analogue licence free radio is an ideal professional two way radio with, crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability.

Note: The XT660d is compatible with the XT420 and XT460 radios

In uncertain times, these radio are ideal for social distancing communication. Suitable as School, Waste and Recycling, Construction, Manufacturing two way radios.

The XT600d Series is ideal for organisations who understand that instant communication can be a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT600d radios are packed with features that keep your team connected and productive.

Call a single person, a group, or the entire organisation at once. Its easy to streamline your communications with enhanced digital calling. Remotely monitor your radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if theyre lost. Remote management makes it easy. The XT600d Series also comes with a full keypad for text messaging, the ability to record and play back conversations, and crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication.

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