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Kenwood NX-5800E UHF DMR Mobile Radio

Kenwood NX-5800E UHF DMR Mobile Radio

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Kenwood NX-5800E UHF DMR Mobile Radio


NEXEDGE leaps further ahead of the competition with NX-5000 Series portable and mobile radios, ready to serve in all public safety, public sector and commercial roles with flawless performance and advanced feature sets. Thanks to multi-digital operation, NEXEDGE offers a flexible communications system that is ideal for a wide range of industries and fields ?? ranging from utilities and traffic agencies to schools, taxi services and security companies. Whats more, top-of-the-line features such as the transflective display for easy viewing in sunshine, GPS capability and Bluetooth connectivity all contribute to enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The NX-5000 Series offers unsurpassed interoperability as it supports 2 digital CAIs ?? NXDN and P25 (Phase 1 & 2), plus FM analogue in a single radio. Best of all, a desired CAI can be selected at will, giving you the freedom to migrate at your own pace ?? whether you are intent on going fully digital, undecided about which digital system to pick, or just wanting to maintain both digital and analogue for a while.

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