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Icom IC-F6062D UHF Digital and Analogue Mobile Radio

Icom IC-F6062D UHF Digital and Analogue Mobile Radio

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Icom IC-F6062D UHF Digital and Analogue Mobile Radio


IC-F6062D Advanced UHF Mobile Series

The IC-F6062D advanced UHF mobile series has the capability to work on a variety of existing radio systems

With the addition of an UT-126H IDAS?? 6.25kHz digital option board, an organisation has the capability to migrate to the latest digital technology. Together with the IC-F3162/F4162 VHF/UHF advanced handheld transceiver series and the IC-FR6100/IC-FR6100 digital repeater series can become an integral part of a sophisticated digital network.

The following new digital functions are available:

  • Mixed mode operation
  • Mixed mode scan
  • Up to 64 RAN (Radio Access Number) settings for digital code squelch
  • Individual and Talkgroup call
  • Text message (12-characters)
  • Status message (up to 100)
  • Digital Encryption using 15-bit encryption key
  • Call alert
  • Radio check
  • Radio stun/kill/revive
  • Remote monitor
  • Improved voting function
  • Operating modes such as conventional mode and voting mode are programmed according to the memory zone. Once you program the voting mode to a memory zone, you can easily start voting mode operation by changing the zone setting.
  • Voting group name and voted channel name can be displayed
  • Re-vote after talk function … Automatically restart vote scanning when a call is finished.

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