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Savox C-C440 Atex Com-Control / PTT Switch

Savox C-C440 Atex Com-Control / PTT Switch

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Savox C-C440 Atex Com-Control / PTT Switch


The Savox C-C440 com-control unit is a push-to-talk unit designed for use with your two-way radio in demanding environments. It offers easy and reliable communication for professionals requiring durable equipment when operating in harsh conditions, and is ideal for those who need to communicate hands-free and/or with their radio secured underneath protective clothing. With a headset it provides a hands-free way to stay connected with your team and ensure the efficiency and safety of your operations. Rugged to IP67 and available as an ATEX version. Ex variants can be recognized by their different PTT button color (dark blue).

Key benefits:

  • Dust proof and water submersible (IP67)
  • Extra large push-to-talk button
  • Excellent tactile feel and operation; suitable for wearing under clothing and with gloves
  • Headset jack and radio connector cable are positioned on opposite sides of the unit
  • Large 360? rotating clip


  • Emergency button (radio specific)
  • Small rotating clip (large as standard)
  • ATEX version (radio specific)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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